Abdulaziz Saud


What was the problem you needed to solve?

I tried to build Muscles and be consistent at the gym but I couldn't.

Why did you choose this personal trainer?

I needed a personal trainer to guide me through the correct way of working out with a positive impact on muscle gain.

How did they solve your problem?

The problem disappeared once I got my confidence back and he proved to me that hard work is paid off with discipline in the gym and eating habits

How was their solution unique?

The solution was unique because it showed quick progress in no time.

What did you particularly like about their approach or delivery? 

The approach was quick, we didn't waste time, and we start training the min we meet.

How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

The experience was always to look forward and see what you want to look like and how you need to develop your body.

Would you recommend this to others if so who?

Anyone who wants natural quick progress, and has a hard time developing muscles.