Ammar Al Marzooq


What was the problem you needed to solve?

I was skinny fat l used to play with a personal trainer with a diet plan but I did not get any significant results after I trained with them.

Why did you choose this personal trainer?

Tariq is a hard worker on a mission and saw my progress as a challenge he wanted me to grow as much as I wanted to advance. Even if trained with the best trainer in the world I don’t think they would have put that much time and effort to see me grow. With ongoing assessments changes in workouts, and changes in diet plans. Tariq authentically wants his clients to grow. What I like is that Tariq is natural and doesn’t take juices and took the hard way. Tariq has the knowledge and experience. I continue to train with Tariq because he holds me accountable and changes my routine consistently.

How did they solve your problem?

I did not evolve just physically even mentally and physiologically I have turned many negatives into positives not only in physique but lifestyle. Tariq is a unique personal trainer and we both gained a lot from our friendship and association with each other. I was never an athlete and never played sports but l has built a base and I can say that I am an athlete and I have built the base with Tariq's help.

How was their solution unique?

It's unique because Tariq implemented a lot of nutritional tricks and tactics along with different workout combinations, supersets, and dropsets we did not reach it easily traditionally or with shortcuts such as juicing. We have implemented shortly mid and long-term goals to reach my current physique and continue to do so.

What did you particularly like about their approach or delivery? 

I believe the workouts are safe and as a trainee, I feel safe because Tariq tests the workouts, and feel that I can push myself. Also, the part of the assessments I feel was really crucial as Tariq customizes the workouts, diet, and cardio based on my results.

How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

Transformational, physically, mentally, and physiologically. Results will be comprehensive as long as you trust the process you will even see results within a short time span.

Would you recommend this to others if so who?

Of course, I believe that Tariq successfully transformed his client and that is the highest recommendation in itself.