Hustle and Muscle 

The Coach

I am a Certified Natural Bodybuilder with 16 years experience in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding has been my life since I was a teenager. My journey has not been the most smooth. I have been through it all: have broken both my arms and my lower back, I have dislocated my knee caps, slightly cracked my lower back, chipped my foot bones, and was told by doctors that I may not be able to walk again! This on top of all of the haters and nay-sayers who told me I couldn't do it! But I fought hard and I brought myself back better and stronger than before and transformed from a skinny kid to the body I have always aspired to have. I also experimented with other diets, I went through an experiment where I ate junk food every day and I gained a lot of fat and then devised a program and worked on losing it all so that I could get into the mind of the person who is training with me from skinny to injured to fat. I've experienced it all: setbacks, injuries, doubts… but also results! If you're serious about changing your body and lifestyle, contact me for a consultation. The best investment in life is in yourself!

Natural Bodybuilding Motivation

This was me when i had the accident

I will share with you my X-ray Pictures

The Underrated Benefit of Fitness

1. Increased muscular strength & endurance
2. Improved body composition (more muscle and less body fat)
3. Increased longevity
4. Reduced risk of heart disease due to improved blood fat levels
5. Lower risk of injuries
6. Increased resistance to muscle fatigue
7. Reduced risk of disease (Arthritis, etc.)
8. Toned, healthy-looking muscles
9. Higher rate of metabolism and increased metabolic health
10. Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients Helps manage diabetes by improving glucose metabolism, reducing blood pressure, increasing HDL cholesterol, and reducing LDL cholesterol (in some people), improving blood vessel health.

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