What was the problem you needed to solve?

I needed to get back in shape, I gained so much weight and stopped working out for a while. I wanted to get back in shape.

Why did you choose this personal trainer?

I wanted someone that was Passionate, Knowledgeable, and would push me harder than I would since I didn’t workout for a while. This led me to the right person, which was Tariq.

How did they solve your problem?

A good blend of old school and modern Bodybuilding methods. It is my preferred style of training and Tariq is very knowledgeable in that regard.

How was their solution unique?

Tariq’s approach was unique and made me train differently from what I am used to. He had a different approach to reps, sets & splits with his workouts.

What did you particularly like about their approach or delivery? 

Tariq is very laid back but challenging. Knows when to push you and when to call it a day. The plan was set out and we achieved it.

How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

I got the results I was looking for, I dropped 9 kg in 3 months. I got my consistency back. I got my stamina and strength back and found out I had higher limits and could push myself in some ways that I didn’t know I could.

Would you recommend this to others if so who?

I loved working with Tariq and I’m sure others would too. You want results. Then he’s the guy to talk to without a doubt.